Browser Master  v.4.2

Disable Browser Options Fast! No Right Click, No Scroll Bars, No Page Print, No Direct Access, No Drag and Drop, No Selection, No Status Bar Links, No Back Button, No Button Dots, No Checkbox Dots, No FireFox, No Chrome, Only I.E. and more.

Transparent Controls

Purple Parrot TransparentControls ActiveX Control is a set of controls which can display as transparent, meaning that they will show any underlying colors, pictures, or patterns. The currently included set of controls are: Frame, CheckBox, OptionButton


Organize365  v.9.0

Organize365 is a Personal Information Manager intended for use in everyday information and communication tasks. Sharing your Calendar or Address Book with other users on your network is as easy as ticking a checkbox!

Simple Adblock  v.1 1

Simple Adblock is a very useful browser tool that will block advertisements on any webpage you access. After its fast and clean installation, a webpage with checkbox options will load and a small icon will appear on the bottom of the browser.

Paper Form Designer  v.1.0

Create your own paper forms for printing. Do not care about the layout at all. Simply enter all you want to query: name, street, city etc. Possible fields are text fields or free size, checkbox fields and radio fields.

ASTreeView  v.1. 4. 2000

ASTreeView is a free powerful treeview control for ASP.Net with drag drop, ajax loading, context menu, xml import/export, three-state checkbox, selection, add/editing/deleting nodes with ajax, themes supported,

IntegralUI TreeView  v.1.5.367

With IntegralUI TreeView you can create rich hierarchical presentation of your data. Use XML tags to fill the tree node content with text in multiple colors and paragraghs, images, custom controls, checkbox, flag and hyperlinks.

CheckFox  v.0.9.2

CheckFox is a Firefox addon, it enables quick check or uncheck of checkboxes. To use, select area of page with checkbox(es), and then right-click.

Magic Game  v.

You have to imagine a number between 1 & 63.Then start the game.If that number is in upcoming pages , mark the checkbox in the respective page and then move to next page..Or else simply move to the next page..


XOXOXO, so wie man's kennt :-) Update 1.1: Du kannst auch jetzt gegen den Computer spielen. Hierzu einfach die Checkbox "Mensch als Gegner" deaktivieren und los

DhtmlxTree :: Ajax-based JavaScript Tree  v.1.6

dhtmlxTree is an Ajax-based JavaScript tree menu that allows to create full featured navigation systems and organize large amount of data into hierarchical order.

OD4Contact QuickPick Plugin  v.1.0

The OD4Contact QuickPick Plugin gives you the opportunity to backup your data and preferences with just one checkbox.

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